Artist Creates Incredible Series Of Sketches Honoring Life In Paris (Photos)

On Friday, the world watched in horror as Paris experienced a series of terror attacks that would become known as the deadliest attacks on French soil since WWII.

In the aftermath of the devastating events that unfolded, Joann Sfar, a talented artist, writer and director from France, set out to celebrate life in this iconic city with a series of artwork.

He created a variety of stunning sketches embracing his view of what the City of Love stands for and showing what everyday life looks like in Paris.

He posted all his incredible cartoons on Instagram with #parisisaboutlife, and now, lots of people are adding their own photos of Paris using Sfar's hashtag.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these touching cartoons.

After witnessing the heartbreaking events that occurred in Paris on Friday evening, Joann Sfar set out to celebrate the city... posting a series of cartoons on Instagram with #parisisaboutlife.

His sketches show what life in Paris is all about...

And embrace Paris' unique culture...

...and all the residents who make this iconic city so great.

Sfar's vignettes highlight the capital's involvement in the arts...

And rich music scene...

...with images featuring musicians who regularly fill the city's air with their songs.

His cartoons also celebrate the beauty of the Parisian people...

...who are proud to call the City of Love their home.

All of Sfar's sketches are simply stunning and serve to beautifully remind others why this city is like no other place in the world.

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