Drake Shows Off Luxury Car Collection In New Promo Video For Forthcoming Album (Video)

In order to call yourself a rapper, you have to BE a rapper. Now that doesn't just mean being able to rhyme a few witty lines and come up with the best metaphors at all times.

It also means that when your album is about to drop, you need to remind everyone that you're super rich by creating a 30-second clip of you and your crew joyriding in luxury cars through your hometown.

That's exactly what Drake did to promote his latest album due out on September 24th titled, 'Nothing Was The Same.' Drizzy's fleet includes a Rolls-Royce, two Range Rovers, a Bugatti, a Lamborghini, and a Maybach.

Although these are beautiful cars, we were expecting a little more of a promotional video from the Toronto native! Check out the video below.

Top Photo Courtesy of: Complex