Cara Delevingne's Neon Braids Are Lighting Up Burning Man

Braid-inspired hairdos have never been as popular as they are right now, and we can't get enough.

I'm not talking about normal braids, either; I'm talking about accessorized, over-the-top, neon-colored braids -- and A LOT of them.

They're cute, they're fun and they're perfect for festival-goers who are looking for an easy way to pull their hair back in the heat with style.

Take it from Cara Delevingne, who made the trek to Burning Man with a head full of 'em.

Thanks to hairstylist Laura Polko and her killer braiding skills, the spunky 24-year-old is rocking a five-braid "Mad Max"-inspired look in the desert.

She even had bright pink and blue extensions weaved into the mix, which give the look the ultimate festival vibe.

She isn't the only one to rock the colored locks, though.

Cara's sister Poppy, 30, also braided up for Burning Man with two tight braids with intertwined pink and teal extensions.

Can these sisters be any more perfect?! Sheesh.

Among the other 70,000 Burning Man attendees, the ~one and only~ Paris Hilton also graced Black Rock Desert with her presence, and she didn't forget to bring on the braids.

Kudos for being brave, ladies. These bold hairdos are bound to make a statement at any summer fest.

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