Sexy British Rowing Team Strips Naked In Brand New Calendar For Charity

If you've been craving some serious eye candy, you're in for a treat.

Those gorgeous guys from University of Warwick's rowing club are back, and they're still showing off their bare asses -- all in the name of charity, of course.

These sexy studs have been “proudly getting naked for club and community since 2009,” and now, the infamous Warwick Rowers are crowdfunding their new naked calendar campaign to raise money for Sport Allies.

If you're not familiar with Sport Allies, it's an athletic charity battling homophobia, bullying and low self-esteem in schools. I guess there's no better way to combat homophobia than to create a calendar filled with a bunch of hot, naked dudes, right?

But, that's not all. This year, the team also released a steamy video to promote the calendar, and let me tell you, these British men do not disappoint.