This Person's Insane Blunt-Rolling Skills Are Completely Untouchable (Photos)

Rolling joints is undeniably an art form.

It takes a whole lot of skill, an ounce of patience and an overall creative drive in order to master it, but there are a few artists out there who make this task look super easy.

Oh, and you also have to love marijuana.

In a sense, it's almost as if all of the joints you rolled in college might as well have been mere doodles compared to these elaborate masterpieces.

Responsible for these glorious joints and blunts is an Instagram user named ValleyRec420.

So, far this person managed to rack up over 155,000 followers or, art-loving stoners, rather!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Remember seeing cross blunts back in high school and being completely blown away by how something so beautiful could exist?

Well, there's an Instagram account dedicated to blunt and joint art that might just top that!

Instagram user ValleyRec420 managed to rack up over 155,000 followers after sharing various works of art.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's not every day you see a massive, smokeable turtle.

But for ValleyRec420, it's just another piece to add to his or her extensive collection!

This craft is a mixture of "ash-porn" and "creative rolling."

From hammerhead sharks...

And planes...

To "squid blunts"...

...and rocket-propelled grenades, the blunt-rolling possibilities are endless.

I mean, imagine being able to whip these up in just 10 minutes...

...only to follow up with one of these. To. The. Face.

It'd never get old.

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