This Blind Painter Creates Stunning Art Using Only His Sense Of Touch (Photos)

by Robert Anthony
John Bramblitt

When you think of going blind, you probably think of the world as you know it ending -- especially if you're an artist.

Meet John Bramblitt, a skilled, Texas-based painter who lost his eyesight due to epilepsy.

But the interesting part about Bramblitt's story is the fact that he began painting after he lost his eyesight.

It was then he realized he could do anything and refused let his disability stop him.

Now, you're probably wondering how he paints.

Bramblitt uses the sense of touch thanks to special, textured paints he can feel on the canvas.

Check out some of his work below for a closer look!

Bramblitt is known for his vibrant works of art.

But what's different about Bramblitt and other artists, aside from his style of work, is the fact that he's "functionally blind."

This means he can only differentiate between sunlight and darkness.

He lost his eyesight 2001.

"Basically what I do is replace everything that the eyes would do for a sighted artist with the sense of touch," Bramblitt shares.

"The raised lines take care of finding your placement on the canvas."

The Texas-based artist also uses paint bottles lined with braille so he can differentiate between colors before applying them on a canvas.

He mixes colors by using recipes.

Bramblitt has held various galleries around Texas and other parts of the United States to showcase his work.

He's also taken part in various youth organizations such as Color Me Empowered, a Dallas-based organization helping at-risk children.

If you'd like to get your hands on original pieces, you're in luck.

Bramblitt has an online store where he sells limited-edition art starting at $150.

Bramblitt's story proves you can do whatever you put your mind to regardless of any disabilities you may have!

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