This Eco-Friendly Urn Will Turn Your Cremated Remains Into A Tree

As we become increasingly aware we're slowly destroying the planet, it seems like everything is getting a "green" makeover. Even funerals.

Remember when we showed you the concept for eco-friendly burial pods?

Well, if coffin pods aren't really how you want to spend the rest of eternity, you'll be glad to know there's a new trend for the deceased: biodegradable urns.

Thanks to the eco-conscious company Bios, you can reduce yourself to a pile of dust while giving Mother Earth a helping hand -- these eco-friendly urns will actually turn you into a tree.

The Bios Urns are constructed out of 100 percent biodegradable materials, such as coconut shells, compacted peat and cellulose.

There's a top capsule holding all the essentials materials for proper seed germination as well as a bottom compartment where you place the ashes.

All you have to do fill up the urn, bury it in the ground and within no time, you'll have a headstone growing out of the ground.

The clever two-compartment design of this green urn allows the seed to germinate on its own while the urn begins the decomposition process.

Once the roots are established, they can reach the ashes and grow through the Bios Urn.

You can use Bios Urn with the tree, plant or shrub seed of your choosing, and there is no expiration date.

If you're one of the people who really like to plan ahead, you can buy it now and save it for the grand finale.

The Bios Urn turns your ashes into a tree.

This urn is designed with a top compartment for seed germination and a bottom compartment for ashes.

Plus, it works with pretty much any tree, shrub or plant seed.

The seed germinates on its own and connects with the ashes as the roots grow through the decomposing urn.

All you have to do is place the ashes inside and bury this innovative urn. Soon, you'll have the greenest headstone in the graveyard.

Here's a breakdown of the whole process.

 A Bios Urn is an eco-friendly alternative for the deceased.

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