Burial Pods May Replace Graves And Will Use Bodies To Fertilize Trees (Photos)

In today's eco-friendly obsessed society, everyone is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce pollution and preserve the environment.

It seems like nothing is safe from the green movement these days, not even funerals.

Recently, the company Capsula Mundi came up with an idea that will let you take your die-hard, tree-hugging tendencies to the grave. Literally.

This eco-conscious company wants you to ditch the days of being buried in a forest-killing graveyard and be buried in an actual forest instead.

Capsula Mundi's green burial concept would trade graveyards and tombstones for "memory forests," where people are placed inside burial pods underneath each tree.

So how exactly does this whole green burial concept work?

Well, the egg-shaped "coffin" would be constructed out of biodegradable materials made from renewable resources such as seasonal plants.

The body would then be placed in the fetal position inside of the pod. After the pod has been buried in the ground, a tree would be planted in the same spot, and it would use the nutrients from the decomposing pod as fertilizer.

These green burial pods are still just a concept at the moment, but in the future, Capsula Mundi hopes to make traditional graveyards a thing of the past.

Because, let's face it, carbon footprints and wooden coffins are so last year.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this innovative coffin design.

This burial pod is the eco-friendly alternative to tombstones.

After someone dies, he or she would be placed inside the biodegradable burial pod...

...and buried in the ground.

Instead of tombstones, each burial pod is topped with a living tree.

And all of the trees would eventually create a"memory forest."

I would serve as a living memorial of your lost loved ones.

Here's the whole process broken down:

It's a great way to preserve the spirit of your loved ones while also preserving the Earth.

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