25 Awesome BFF Tattoos That Will Bond Your Friendship For Life


Tattoos and best friends have a lot in common.

While many people will come and go throughout your life, the bond you share with your bestie will never fade.

Through the good times and bad, your BFF will always stick with you, just like a tattoo.

So there's no better person to get tatted up with than your platonic soulmate because let's face it, your friendship will last just as long as a little ink.

Not to mention, getting a meaningful tat with you best friend is a great way to bring a piece of them along with you, no matter how far apart life leads you down separate paths.

Everyone knows getting tatted up is a big commitment, so when it comes to selecting a badass BFF tattoo you shouldn't just settle for any old basic bitch butterfly.

Instead, you want a pair of eye-catching tats that are just as f*cking awesome as you and your bestie.

So, we set out to find some of the coolest friendship tats you can show off with your partner in crime.

Take a look at the pictures below to see 25 tattoos perfect for you and your BFF.

Who needs friendship bracelets when you have epic best friend tats?

To infinity and beyond.

Opposites attract.

Friends of a feather flock together.

Your BFF will forever be your ride-or-die chick.

Together forever and never apart.

Friendship tat squad goals.

Girl-talk tats.

Nothing can break the magical bond between besties.

Best buds always lift each other up.

Friends 'til the very end.

You don't need a magic spell to know you'll always be friends.

You and your BFF are a perfect match.

To the moon and back.

Owl always have a piece of you in my heart.

Through thick and thin.

BeeFFs for life.

People will definitely be jelly of this PB&J crew tattoo.

Luke, I am your bestie.