This Super Simple Trick Will Make Cheap Vodka Taste Like Top-Shelf


We get it, you're a poor 20-something (or 30-something) who doesn't want to shell out big bucks for expensive booze.

But just because you can't afford the good stuff doesn't mean your taste buds have to suffer.

After scouring the Internet for what felt like minutes (a lot of time, I know), we found a few ways you can turn your bottom-shelf nightmare into a top-shelf dream.

Use a water filter.

This one is super simple and you probably already have all the tools at your disposal right now. Simply take that shitty vodka, run it through the water filter once (or twice) and voilà! OK, sure this won't turn Popov into Imperial, but it should improve things enough to make it actually drinkable.

Use activated charcoal.

You know the stuff that's super popular right now to help you get rid of acne? Turns out it's also awesome for your cocktails.

Simply get a whole bunch of activated charcoal, a coffee filter and a funnel, run the vodka through it and drink. Again, it's not pure magic but it's enough to impress your guests.

Purchase a liquor filter.

Spend $30 once and filter booze for life. The Gray Kangaroo promises to be your ultimate vodka-saving device.  It even promises to reduce your hangover (though we aren't sure we buy that). It works in the same way as the the water filter system, by removing impurities through a tiny filter. However, the site does not disclose what the filter is actually made of.

Just buy more expensive booze.

Look, let's get real; good vodka doesn't have to be expensive. Svedka, Deep Eddy, New Amsterdam and a plethora of other amazing vodka brands can be purchased for less than $20. Save yourself the trouble (and the horrific hangover) and splurge just a little on the good stuff.