A Beginner's Guide To Dabbing When You're Scared You'll Get High AF

by Kate Ryan

I've always considered myself pretty adept at partaking in the wonder plant that is marijuana. While some cannabis aficionados prefer vaping to smoking or blunts to spliffs, personally, I'm up for it all. When it comes to consuming that sweet, sweet flower, I do not discriminate.

Except, that is, when it comes to dabbing. When it comes to using concentrates in general, I'm ashamed to admit I've lived largely in ignorance and fear, worried that one hit of that THC-packed tonic will throw me into a weeklong, stoney abyss. The high heat, blow torches and waxy substances made it seem, to me, like concentrate users were not fucking around.

Needless to say, I've been a little hesitant to dive right in. With a tolerance level that fluctuates like the Dow Jones, concentrates always seemed a little too intense. While buds typically have a concentration of 10 to 25 percent, concentrates range much higher between 50 and 80 percent -- hence the very straightforward name.

That being said, I've discovered one device that has totally changed my outlook on concentrates. Enter Dabado Vaporizers. The company sent a few of their devices recently for me to try out. Immediately, I was impressed by the packaging of the Platinum Bolt, which arrived in a silver carrying case like the James Bond kit of dabbing. Obviously, this was not the back alley peace pipe I'd imagined it to be.

Steven Helfer, the cofounder of Dabado Vaporizers, explained to Elite Daily how much the concentrates industry has grown thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana. He says,

According to a dispensary poll in Denver, 40-50 percent of all dispensary sales in the Denver [area] went to marijuana concentrates last year. My brother and I acted on the trend when we heard most dabbers were using butane torches to dab, which looks like their doing a Class 1 drug. From there, we knew something had to be done to end the bad perception that dabbing was getting from the biased media, and we both knew that prohibition wouldn't end if marijuana is being consumed using a butane torch.

Inspired to change the negative stereotypes still lingering in the cannabis community, Helfer and his brother created the 'Dabado Bolt' in October of 2015. Helfer says,

The Bolt is the first all-in-one portable dab rig that heats up to traditional dabbing temperatures without the nasty coil wax pen taste that is currently offered on the market. Our device is a new, healthier way to consume concentrates and it eliminates the external problem of looking like a dug addict or simply feeling like a drug addict using a torch.

And I have to say, trying the Dabado for myself has easily converted me into a concentrate user for life. The hit was so much cleaner than a bong, and the device was as effortless to use as any standard vaporizer. One hit didn't blast me to the moon (hah, I wish), though it did make "Sling Blade" look amazing and I was still able to get to my booty bootcamp class in the morning. Those power lunges kicked my ass regardless, but at least I wasn't sweating out a groggy indica hangover. Been there, done that.

So, if you're looking to try dabbing but not sure where to start, keep reading for the lowdown. And if you're already sold on it, what are you still doing here? Go get that dab already!


The hit is cleaner, and in effect, healthier. Vaporizing eliminates the nasty byproducts of burning plants and smoke inhalation. You just want to be sure not to overheat your wax or oil to avoid releasing any harmful toxins. If you're really focused on the health benefits of vaping versus smoking, check out this helpful Leafly article that thoroughly explains how to achieve a healthy high.


Concentrates can be more expensive than your average, unprocessed bud. At popular LA dispensary GMC, for example, your most expensive gram will set you back about $20, while your average wax will cost you about $35 a gram. It varies from place to place, of course, but you'll tend to pay more for concentrates than bud depending on how much you smoke.

That being said, you do get a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to concentrates. If it takes four bong rips to get thoroughly stoned, then it'll probably only take you two vape hits to get to that same, blissful level.

Let's do this thing.

Here's a helpful video to show you step by step how to use the Dabado. (Again, nobody paid me to write this guide, I'm just that much of a dabbing nerd now. Thanks, guys.)

Remember to pace yourself.

No matter how much of a marijuana baller you are, new methods are still new. You want to test out a little hit first and see how you feel before taking another one. As anyone who's ever had an edible nows, you don't know you took too much until it's too late. So take your time, baby boo, the weed's not going anywhere.

Actually be careful with your lil fingertips.

Because I'm an idiot even when stone-cold sober, I put my finger directly on the hot nail to see how hot it was. DON'T DO THIS. It is VERY fucking hot. You're probably thinking, duh, that's the whole point, dummy. Well, before curiosity gets the best of you like it did with me, just keep your fingers away from the nail in general -- just to be safe.

Don't be afraid to have fun.

That's about all you need to know to have the time of your life dabbing! As long as you keep safety (aka common sense) in mind, pace yourself and charge up your device ahead of time, you're bound to have an amazing time.

Check out Dabado's website for an awesome selection of vapes to get you started, and if you're looking for even more variety, check out High Times' top 5 list of concentrate vape pens.

Dab on my friends, dab on.