Hilarious Instagram Depicts A Totally Basic Skeleton Who Can't Even (Photos)

We've all seen our fair share of basic bitches and their even worse basic bro counterparts.

As the epidemic of all things basic continues to spread like wildfire, it seems like every day, an increasing number of seasonal lattes, skinny arm poses, brunch entrees and bubble bath uploads are filling up our social media feeds.

But have you ever wondered what happens when you become such a basic bitch that you just totally "can't even" anymore?

Well, sometimes, you just literally die.

Case in point: Skellie, the most basic bitch from 6 feet under.

But before you scope out the nearest cemetery, you should know that you won't find this gal pushing up daisies in the graveyard.

Instead, you'll find her wearing flower crowns and showing off what may be the skinniest arm pose of all time as she documents her quest to conquer all things basic on her Instagram account, Omgliterallydead.

While Skellie first started out as your average Halloween skeleton used for a few jokes around the office, Dana Herlihey just couldn't help herself. She had to make this ingenious parody account showcasing all of the hilarious adventures of this basic bony bitch.

Every basic bitch needs to pamper herself once in a while.

A bubble bath really soothes those aching bones.

I literally can't even deal with Monday mornings.

Just catching up on some reading with a cozy cup of tea.

Move over Kim, this boney booty is really going to break the Internet.

This snow is totally bone-chilling. Brrrr!

Every simple skeleton loves a sushi date with her BFFs.

Ugh, literally dying from this hangover.

Totes going to find a hot, bony bro on Tinder.

Can't even start the morning off without a PSL.

Brunchin' with my basic besties.

Time to get white girl wasted! #Rage

OMG, snow! Totally need to do a quick stop, drop and snow angel.

Three vodka sodas with an extra splash of basic, please.

Time to get up for yoga class.

No workout is complete without a few gym selfies.

Literally dying from this cold.

Everyone on IG needs to see this super delish, gluten-free meal. #FoodPorn

Turn down for what, betches.

Kicking back with some vino and Netflix is basically the best ever.

Seriously killin' it with this flower crown. #OOTD

Even skeletons need their basic beauty rest. #Flawless

This workout is a total ab killer!

So dead from shopping all day.

But first, let me take a skeleton selfie. #IWokeUpLikeThis

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