15 Hilarious Babies Who Somehow Look Older Than Your Grandparents (Photos)


There's nothing cuter than the sweet, innocent face of a baby.

Unless, of course, you come across a baby who looks 7 weeks going on 70 years and is also a bit of a grump.

Then you have a baby who is not only adorable but also hilarious.

Between their scowling faces, wrinkles and lack of teeth, it's not hard to see these geriatric infants perfectly capture the spirit of an old, grumpy grandparent.

The only things they're missing are an electric scooter and some spider veins.

Whether these guys are scowling at the kids playing on their lawn again, trying to remember where they put that coupon for their Depends or reminiscing about the good ol' days when milk was just a penny, these humorous babies certainly know the struggles of being in your golden years.

Seriously, these grumpy babies would give Benjamin Button a run for his money.

Take a look at the photos below to see these hilariously grumpy old babies.

Dagnabbit! I can't remember where I put my Life Alert.

Back in my day, we had to walk 7 miles to the hospital... in the snow!

Are you sure you didn't take my knitting needles?

I have more stacks of papers on my kitchen table than I have hairs left on my head.

What in the world is this "twerking" stuff you young kids are doing nowadays?

In my day, you sent someone a letter when you wanted to talk to them.

Benjamin Button OG right here.

Just waiting for my social security check.

Who's up for a good ol' game of bingo?

Get off of my lawn, you darn whippersnappers.

Once you get past 50, the wrinkles really start to set in.

What do you mean milk is $5? In my day, they sold bottles for a penny.

Six callers ahead of us, Jimmy!

I read AARP all day, every day.

 No matter what road I'm on, I always drive at the same speed: slow.

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