This Artist's Depressing Take On The Modern World Is Way Too Accurate (Photos)

Expressing yourself through art is one of the most effective methods to get your point across -- even when it comes to shining some light on the hard truths about the dark world you live in.

The work of one London-based artist proves just that!

In a recent collection of animations put together by Steve Cutts, we're exposed to some of the harsh truths about modern-day society.

The examples of these harsh truths are nearly endless, ranging from our unhealthy, deadly obsessions with money and consumerism to the fact that we're all hypnotized by collections of pixels, whether they're on our smartphones or gleaming from our computer screens.

Check out Cutts' animations below for a closer look.

We sacrifice the luxuries of a livable, healthy planet for money.

Our constant obsessions with material items fuel endless cycles.

We're willingly held captive by technologies.

Our mornings are rat races (sometimes literally).

The overarching goal is to get rich... or die trying.

Our smartphones turn us into soulless zombies.

Decisions are made without thinking about their environmental impacts.

Our eating habits are either killing us or turning us into furniture.

We sacrifice other living animals for our own enjoyment.

We base our feelings and emotions on the days of the week.

The rich and wealthy live lavishly at the expenses of the less fortunate.

We're enslaved by major corporations with unlimited resources.

Our brains are influenced by the pure bullsh*t on television.

We sit behind desks surrounded by seas of other people feverishly working toward the same goals. And then, we snap.

And even then, the race continues!

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