Artist Turned Celebrities Into All Of Your Favorite Disney Characters (Photos)

Loryn Brantz

It seems like artists are always finding clever ways to give the classic Disney characters a creative makeover.

Whether someone gives your favorite princesses realistic hair or turns them into hipsters, it seems like the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to giving this crew of cartoons an interesting new appearance.

Recently, Loryn Brantz set out to give a bunch of your beloved Disney films a star-studded makeover.

After taking suggestions from her fans, she created a series of fairytale characters reimaged as Hollywood celebrities, and the results are hilarious to say the least.

Apart from Steve Buscemi basically taking on the identity of every character in the Magic Kingdom, her whimsical transformations include Nick Offerman assuming the role of the Chesire Cat, Lupita Nyong'o transforming into the lovely Cinderella and Seth Rogan playing her chubby little mouse friend.

These comical characters are sure to make you laugh and will probably ruin your childhood movie memories.

Take a look at the photos below to see these hilarious Disney celebrities.

Quvenzhané Wallis as Alice

Nick Offerman as the Chesire Cat

Steve Buscemi as the Mad Hatter

Jennifer Lawrence as Wendy

Josh Hutcherson as Peter Pan

Steve Buscemi as Captain Hook

John Stamos as Aladdin

Mindy Kaling as Princess Jasmine

Steve Buscemi as Jafar

Emma Watson as Belle

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Gaston

Steve Buscemi as Prince Philip

Taylor Swift as Princess Aurora

Angela Bassett as Maleficent

Lupita Nyong'o as Cinderella

Seth Rogen as Gus

Steve Buscemi as Prince Charming

Eddie Murphy as Mu-Shu

Steve Buscemi as Li Shang

Amy Adams as Ariel

Idris Elba as Prince Eric

Steve Buscemi as Sebastian

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