Artist Perfectly Recreates Famous Pictures And Logos With Marijuana


Marijuana can be used to create many different things.

Whether you're looking to ignite a positive, relaxing headspace for yourself in the wake of a rough day or you're physically using the substance to recreate famous company logos, weed can make all of your wildest dreams realities.

And as a matter of fact, one Romanian artist chose the second option. Instead of smoking his supply, Dan Cretu decided to use fresh "nugs" of potent marijuana to recreate recognizable logos and dreamlike portraits.

From famous landscapes like Stonehenge to Nike's famous swoosh logo, Cretu uses marijuana to prove the possibilities are, in fact, endless.

When asked what his artwork signifies and resembles, Cretu told Metro,

Fair enough.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

Weed can be used for many things. This is proof:

For Dan Cretu, marijuana is a tool to recreate famous logos and landmarks found around the world.

Impressive, isn't it?!

It's not every day we see marijuana used like this.

From recreating Rihanna...

To reviving the spirit of the legend himself, Bob Marley...

...Cretu makes his cannabis creations look pretty easy.

We even have the famous Apple logo crafted out of weed and rolling papers!

And he gave the Nike swoosh a bit of a makeover.

So far, Cretu's managed to rack up over 9,000 Instagram followers -- with good reason.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see a recreation of the Adidas logo in the form of partially smoked joints? Genius!

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