This Artist Is Turning Manholes Into Beautiful Rooms For An Amazing Reason

There are all sorts of awesome secrets hidden in the world around us -- you just have to know where to look for them.

Case in point: the abandoned manholes in Milan.

Recently, the talented artist Biancoshock set out to turn a bunch of deserted manholes in the Lodi district of Milan into a bunch of secret, little rooms.

The project titled "Borderlife" features all sorts of small-scale domestic environments ranging from tiny kitchens and showers to decorated rooms that even have artwork on the walls.

Apparently, Biancoshock's inspiration for these subterranean spaces stemmed from the many people who live in the sewer systems of Romania's capital, Bucharest.

Biancoshock created these secret rooms to create awareness about those living in extreme conditions and make people think about the less fortunate individuals who spend their lives in cramped quarters.

On the website, Biancoshock wrote,

If some problems cannot be avoided, make them comfortable.

Take a look at the pictures below to see his amazing installations.

Milan artist Biancoshock recently set out to transform a bunch of boring, abandoned manholes...

...into a variety of secret dwellings showcasing different domestic environments.

His installations include everything from a tiny kitchen and a small shower stall to a wallpapered room complete with artwork.

He aims to create awareness about people living in extreme conditions around the world, like those living in the sewer system of Bucharest, Romania.

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