Artist Creates Full-Functioning Skateboards Out Of Trash And It's Amazing

If there's one thing all artists have in common, it's the knack for making something out of nothing.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by National Geographic, we're introduced to artist Mac Premo.

The self-proclaimed "stuff maker" was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund to take part in an incredibly unique project for the organization's Earth Hour event.

The task at hand? Premo had been asked to craft an object using a variety of repurposed materials. Instead, he decided to recreate something he's passionate actually passionate about: skateboards!

With a genius idea in mind, the artist reached out to skateboard maker Sanford Shapes, who informed Premo discarded paint buckets are perfect for crafting makeshift skateboards.

From there, Mac went on to do the unthinkable!

Check out the inspiring footage above for a closer look.

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