Insane Video Of Couple Traveling The World Will Make You Miss Summer

With the summer season officially over, it is now time to sit back and reminisce about the last few months.

There are plenty of ways to kickstart the psychological highlight reel you unknowingly created over the summer -- whether you scroll through Instagram posts or go through the camera roll on your phone.

However, no technique will be better than this couple's method!

Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren, the Internet's favorite couple, did it again.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the photogenic couple as they traveled the world together and gave Internet users hope true love actually exists. Then, Alvarrez followed up with a separate video expressing his love for Alexis titled "Girl Of My Dreams."

This time, Alvarrez and Ren are back with yet another breathtaking video showcasing the highlights of their summer.

Forget about finding someone to be the quintessential couple with; it's all about finding someone to have an unforgettable summer with!

From diving off of yachts in Ibiza, Spain to making out in Athens, Greece, this couple does it all.

Check out the video above for a closer look.