The AirBoard Is A Hoverboard Mixed With A Segway And It's Awesome (Photos)

If you thought the invention of the Segway was the ultimate contribution to new and novel (not to mention lazy) ways of getting around, you haven't seen anything yet.

This is 2015, and if you've ever seen "Back To The Future II," you know by now we should all be rocking some awesome self-lacing kicks as we zip around on a floating board like Marty McFly, right?

Well, your futuristic dreams are starting to become a reality since there's a new mode of personal transportation that will blow away that boring, ground-touching Segway.

That's right, someone finally created an AirBoard, and this thing looks pretty sweet.

Invented by the ingenious Latvian-based Elviss Straupenieks, this electric personal air vehicle is pretty much a cross between a Segway and hoverboard, and it's totally badass.

This bad boy lifts off thanks to four propellers powered by separate electric motors, which let you cruise up to five feet above the ground, and the final design is projected to accommodate up to 264 pounds.

You can control the board by shifting your weight around, similar to the way a Segway operates.

Or you can use a mobile app that lets you maneuver the AirBoard remotely, thanks to the GPS and gyroscope on the board.

The app also lets you see important stats like battery power, speed and altitude, and it even has an alarm system to fend off anyone who tries to steal your awesome ride.

This board can be yours for $13,000, but you're going to have to walk on the ground like everyone else for a little while since it won't be hitting the shelves until next year.

Behold, the almighty AirBoard.

You can get up to five feet of air on this awesome board.


The secret to the flying board lies in its unique thermal core system.

And it can even be controlled by a mobile app.

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