Adorable Dog And Toddler Napping Duo Joined By New Baby Sister (Photos)

If you've been with us for awhile, you may remember the overwhelmingly cute power-cuddle duo that is Theo and Beau.

The pair — the former, a dog, the latter, a little boy — won the collective hearts of just about everyone on the Internet back in 2013, when a bunch of photos of them snuggling hit Instagram.

Well, Theo and Beau are back.This time, they've brought their baby sister along for the ride.

After Evvie was born in September, mom Jessica Shyba knew she'd have to get the new addition in on the snuggly snaps.

To the delight of her half-million followers, she did, though she admits getting the three together isn't always easy.

She said,

I've been early surprised each time I've gotten all three to nap together... but it seems like once they fall asleep they all sleep better with someone close to them.

Sometimes, she says,

...the naps don't last that long, but a nap is a nap and I'll take it.

Sounds good to us -- so long as Mom continues to share the adorable photographic evidence on Instagram.

Check out some of the cutest pics below.

The Spooning Squad

The Hug Snug

The Twisted Theo

The Blanketed Baby Cuddle

The Slicked-Out Sleepers

The Modified Pig Pile

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