Someone Created Accurate Illustrations Of The Many Ways Couples Sleep

by Robert Anthony

If you have the pleasure of sleeping in a king size bed alone, consider yourself lucky.

Some of us don't get to enjoy the pleasures of spreading out like a starfish without worrying about someone crushing our limbs in the middle of the night. That's because some of us dudes have significant others. You can't win that battle. Ever.

And ladies, you know you secretly love making your partner uncomfortable in bed. Don't lie, you think it's funny.

That's exactly why you'll find this collection of illustrations we stumbled across hilarious.

They were drawn up by the team over at Swimmingly, and they're pretty spot on. If you've ever had to share a bed, you'll get horrifying flashbacks from this. I know I did!

Check out the photos below for a closer look at the different examples of the right and wrong sleeping positions for couples.

The Spoon vs. The Medusa

The Nook vs. The Headlock

The Barely There vs. The Fugitive

The Triangle Offense vs. The Furry Barnacle

The Cold Fusion vs. The Boa Constrictor

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