This Is What A $95-Million Apartment Looks Like In New York City (Photos)

Unfortunately, not too many of us will be able to experience a $95-million view of New York City.

Not long ago, we introduced you to a 17-year-old kid named Demid Lebedev who made it his duty to climb New York City's tallest building-to-be.

The daredevil photographer just wanted to get a glimpse of what a multi-million-dollar view looks like in the Big Apple!

But, Lebedev didn't get to experience what the accompanying luxuries would look like. He was just able to capture the scenic views from the top of the incomplete structure, located at 432 Park Avenue, that will house some of the wealthiest people in the world.

The true beauty, however, lies within the recent photos released by Macklowe Properties, which reveal how much bang you'd get for your buck.

Harry Macklowe, the chairman of Macklowe Properties, told Daily Mail:

We are proud to have created a New York City landmark that can be seen throughout all five boroughs, and which will enhance our city's iconic skyline.

The building will be completed in 2015, but units can be purchased now.

Check out the photos below and take a close look for yourself!

Photos released by Macklowe Properties give people a first-person glimpse into what owning a pricey condo like this would look like.

Not only will 432 Park Avenue enhance the city's skyline, it'll also enhance the lives of those who can afford to live 1,396 feet above the concrete!

Who wouldn't want to experience the city from 10x10-foot windows?

In addition to massive windows, residents will also be enjoying 12.5-foot high ceilings and solid oak floors to waltz across.

"At 1,396 feet, 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, and represents an extraordinary accomplishment of architecture, design, engineering and craftsmanship," said Harry Macklowe.

Breathtaking, huh?

Unit prices start at $16.5 million and reach all the way up to $95 million.

Aside from living in complete luxury, you'll also get tons of space, which is extremely hard to come by in New York City.

Unit sizes range from 3,575 square feet to 8,255 square feet.

Residents will also obtain over 30,000 square feet of amenities, including a private gym and a private restaurant.

For $95 million, you'll get to bathe in pure serenity as you watch the sunset.

The iconic structure will tower over the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and even the Freedom Tower!

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Macklowe Properties