Here's A Complete List Of The 67 Amazing Brand New Emoji (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Earlier this year, rumors swirled regarding the highly-requested taco emoji.

After more information surfaced about a wave of new emoji, we're happy to know the Unicode Consortium just announced a list of 67 emoji prototypes it may be releasing.

The organization, responsible for approving all of the emoji we see on our smartphones, still has to narrow down exactly which new emoji it will be adding to our rosters, but I do see some necessary ones in the bunch.

Not to mention, the highly-anticipated taco emoji is in there, too. Consider Tuesdays fun again. Oh, and there's a good selection of emoji perfect for avid sexters!

We'll reportedly have to wait until next summer to see which emoji the Unicode Consortium plans on officially releasing.

Check out the 67 candidates below for a closer look!

A list of 67 emoji prototypes was just released by the Unicode Consortium.

You might see the emoji you've been waiting for somewhere on this list!

As you can see, there are a bunch of new emotions we've all been waiting to express through texts.

I mean, what would a text message be without croissant and bacon emoji in it?

And a fencer? A completely necessary emoji to have!

We might actually be able to "cheers" via text. Finally.

The list covers everything from sneezing and drooling to nausea.

The California-based organization plans to approve a handful of new emoji and release the set in June 2016.

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