YES! We Are Finally Going To Have The Taco Emoji We Always Wanted (Photos)

At this point, most people use emoji instead of words to get their points across.

But even with the 722 emoji that currently exist, we could always use more!

Well, guess what? There are more. That's all thanks to the Unicode Consortium, a California-based organization known for releasing new emoji.

The Unicode Consortium approves all of the new emoji before they're distributed and offered to smartphone and Web users. The organization also handles requests for specific emoji.

In April, professional tennis player Roger Federer voiced his emoji wishes on Twitter for a popcorn addition.

According to Daily Mail, 37 new emoji characters were approved as of June 17. The emoticons are part of the new Unicode Standard Version 8.0.0 update.

The best part? Federer got the popcorn emoji he wanted. The update also features a unicorn head, a hot dog, a burrito and, more importantly, a taco.

In addition to mythical creatures from our childhoods and irresistible food items, the Unicode Consortium also included six different religious emoji, a collection of zodiac symbols and different faces.

But the update may not be available for mobile users just yet.

There is still a process each new character has to go through once it's approved.

For now, they were added to Emojipedia's Unicode 8 Emoji approvals list.

Check out a few of the new emoji below!

Behold, the emoji you've been waiting for: a taco!

Including the taco, 37 new emoji were approved by the Unicode Consortium. New additions include a bow and arrow...

...a cricket bat and ball...


...a few new smilies and a cheese wedge...

...and added skin complexions for different faces. As of right now, the emoji were just approved and have not yet been released.

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