The Most Epic Halloween Costume Ideas For Gingers

It’s about that time of year: the leaves have started to change, candy corn bags have begun to fill the isles of Walgreens and Party City commercials are flooding your TV. It's October, people, and guess what that means?

Halloween! There is nothing like that feeling of nailing a killer costume (and the amount of Instagram likes you'll get to show for it). So here are epic Halloween costume ideas for the world’s most beloved minority.

Eliza Thornberry

Nigel Thornberry

Jessie from "Toy Story"

Chuckie from "Rugrats"

Hello Giggles

Chuckie from "Child’s Play"

Jessica Rabbit

Ariel the Little Mermaid

Poison Ivy from "Batman"

Merida from "Brave"

I Love Lucy

Charmander from Pokémon


Little Red Riding Hood

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Wilma Flinstone

Pebbles Flinstone

Kim Possible

Lois Griffin from "Family Guy"

Yosemite Sam


Jane Jetson

Blossom from "Powerpuff Girls"

Strawberry Shortcake





Ron Weasley from "Harry Potter"

Ginger Kid from "South Park"

Firefox Web browser

Ginger Spice

Red Panda

Photo courtesy of Pluspets