25 Photos That Will Make You Appreciate The Little Things In Life This Christmas

by Robert Anthony

It's the most wonderful time of the year! With Christmas just hours away, it's time to show your appreciation for all that you have -- even the little things. We're not talking about that Xbox One you asked for this Christmas, or the check your grandmother gave you.

We're talking about life itself. Often times, we're going through the motions, letting each day so quickly pass us by, that we forget to appreciate and cherish all that we have. This holiday, let's remember to take nothing for granted. It's time to spread the love!

Below are the 25 photos that will make you appreciate the little things in life this Christmas. From fathers coming home from Afghanistan to see their children for the first time, to precious little kittens being saved from arson fires, it's all here. Check them out below. Merry Christmas to all!

25. This Nigerian man seeing snow for the first time

Digital Light Box

24. This military mother finally returning home to her daughter


23. A tourist in Rio De Janeiro gives a homeless girl his shoes


22. An NYPD officer gives a homeless man winter boots and socks on a chilly night in NYC

21. An Afghan man offers tea to a US soldier in the middle of combat


20. Man gets down on his only leg to propose to his soon-to-be wife

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19. This baby giving his dad a roll of toilet paper in his time of need

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18. NYC resident offers electricity to the public during Hurricane Sandy in 2012

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17. A loyal friend pulls his injured friend around in a wagon

Ned Hardy

16. A little boy receives an American flag in honor of his dad who served the country

Cave Man Circus

15. A man finds his dog in his destroyed home after vicious tornado in Alabama

Lipstick Alley

14. A firefighter gives water to a Koala during brushfires in Australia

Lipstick Alley

13. Police officer helps a limping dog cross the road before a storm

Viral Nova

12. Need to get your outfit dry cleaned for an interview but don't the have money? This dry cleaner understands.

11. Someone took the time to post this on over 600 lockers at a high school

Viral Nova

10. This deaf man hears his daughter sing for the first time


9. A girl hugs her opponent after winning a martial arts fight


8. A man holds a sign that says "I have a job. I have a bed. I'm collecting for someone who doesn't."

7. A US soldier plays helicopter with a local boy in Afghanistan


6. Son stands by his dad's side no matter what

Full Punch

5. A terminally ill mother watches her daughter's wedding on Skype

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4. Police officer makes blind boy's dream come true by letting him be an officer for a day


3. A baby sleeps next to a stuffed animal of his dad who's in the US military

Baby Center

2. A firefighter rescues a cat from a burning house

Found Shit

1. The Mimi Foundation creates heartwarming photo project to help cancer patients tune out their illness

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