17 Gadgets That Will Help You Get Your Sh*t Together In 2016

The new year is finally upon us, so you know what that means.

It's that time when we all embrace the "new year, new me" bullsh*t and make a bunch of resolutions we'll either forget about or give up on by the time February rolls around.

If you're like most young people looking for a way to improve your life, there's a good chance your list of resolutions include things like improving your health, increasing your productivity, getting organized and just becoming an all-around better person in 2016.

Every year I vow this year will be the year I finally get my sh*t together.

But if you've ever tried to become an organized, responsible adult, you know achieving this goal is often easier said then done.

Yep, sticking to your resolutions and becoming a better person can be pretty f*cking hard.

But before you throw in the 2016 towel and just decide to be a hot mess for the rest of your life, you should know there are a wide range of gadgets out there that will actually help you get your life together.

I know, technology is a beautiful thing.

So in order to help you have the best year on record, we set out to find a bunch of badass products to help finally achieve all your new year's goals with ease.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some useful gadgets that will help you slay 2016.

Stop locking yourself out of the house with Sesame, a device that turns your phone into your keys.

Sesame replaces your key with your phone in seconds. It fits on your lock in seconds no removing or swapping anything — CANDY HOUSE Inc (@candyhouse_Inc) February 25, 2015

Keep track of your fitness goals with the Fitbit Charge HR.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate, $130, Amazon 

Stop missing important messages with Ringly, a smart ring that buzzes every time you get a new notification on your phone.

Take better care of your skin with June, a smart bracelet from Netatmo that monitors sun exposure.

Get more sleep with the Drift Light, a bulb that gradually dims to help you fall asleep...

The Drift Light from Saffron is a LED smart bulb that helps people to fall asleep — Sewell Direct (@sewelldirect) May 7, 2014

Drift Lift, $36, Amazon 

...or catch some Zs on the go with the Hypnos inflatable pillow hoodie.

Organize your notes with Phree, a pen that sends what you write on any surface right to you computer or smartphone screen.

Stop misplacing all of your sh*t and losing your damn dog everyday with Wistiki tracking devices.

Wistiki, $40, Amazon 

Conquer the kitchen without actually having to learn how to cook with the Perfect Bake smart scale and recipe app.

Perfect Bake Smart Scale and App, $69, Amazon 

Get yourself out of sticky situations with Cuff, the blue-tooth enabled smart jewelry that let's you alert your friends and fam when you're in trouble.

Increase your productivity with Amazon Echo, a voice-activated speaker with a built-in virtual personal assistant.

Amazon Echo, $100, Amazon 

Drive smarter with Automatic, a device that plugs into your car and teaches you how to be a better driver.

Drive smarter: the 2nd Gen Car Adapter Raw performance data in real-time #YourCarOnApps — Automatic (@automatic) May 19, 2015

Get your inbox under control with InboxVudu, a system that helps you prioritize important emails.

Travel like a pro with BlueSmart, a carry-on suit case that connects with your smart phone.

Stop hitting snooze and oversleeping with the Ruggie, an alarm clock that only turns off when you step on it.

Ruggie Alarm Clock, $69, Amazon 

Keep your phone charged on the go with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus, $65, Amazon 

Stop running out of space on your phone with the Leef iBridge Mobile Memory, an iOS mobile storage device that expands the storage capacity on your iPhone.

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory, $20, Amazon