This Woman Got 11 Tattoos In One Week To Show 100 Years Of Body Art (Video)

The latest episode in Cut Video's popular “100 Years of Beauty” series is one every body art fan will appreciate.

In the video, a volunteer named Casey surrenders her body to a tattoo artist, who, over the course of one week, gives her 11 intricate tattoos, each representing a different period in time.

Each tattoo is designed to mimic the style of an artist who reigned during the given decade, from early 20th century artist Charlie Wagner to modern tattoo master Nikko Hurtado.

It’s probably the coolest “100 Years of Beauty” video I’ve seen yet — and that’s saying something, considering this is the 14th (official) episode.

Oh, and guys: Cut Video is looking for a male volunteer to submit his skin for a similar experiment. Email it at if you’re interested.