'100 Years Of Family Dinners' Will Leave You Craving A Home-Cooked Meal (Video)

Lately, we've been getting quite a lesson in history, thanks to the growing popularity of all those "100 Years of..." beauty and fashion videos.

In fact, just a few days ago, we gave you a realistic glimpse of women's beauty trends throughout the years.

If you thought that video was awesome, you'll be glad to know makeup and fashion aren't the only things to experience some major changes over the past century.

It turns out food trends also evolved over the decades, and you might want to brace yourself because history is about to get pretty damn delicious.

Mode.com just released another one of its incredible time-lapse videos, and this time, it's taking us on a mouthwatering visual journey as it explores dinner trends over the decades.

The video, titled "100 Years of Family Dinners," starts out in 1915 where people commonly chowed down on roast beef and Franconia potatoes, then takes you through each delectable era until it finally reaches today's kale and quinoa obsession.

It's absolutely fascinating to see the revolution of food-porn trends, and I'm totally down to volunteer as the person who eats everything if Mode.com decides to follow this video up with a desserts edition.

Try not to drool on your keyboard as you check out this mouthwatering video.