Zendaya cut her finger and needed stitches as a result of a cooking fail.

Zendaya Posted A Whole Saga About How A Cooking Fail Sent Her To The Hospital

Tom warned us how dangerous she is in the kitchen...


Zendaya is a woman of many talents, all of which have made her the icon she is today, but there is one thing Zendaya can’t do: cook. And she’ll be the first to joke about her subpar culinary skills, which she poked fun at in a recent Instagram saga chronicling her latest cooking fail. On July 13, Zendaya shared on Instagram that she had injured herself while cooking, captioning a story with “See now... this is why I don’t cook.” Thus began the saga of Zendaya’s cooking fail that sent her to the hospital.

Z took her fans on a whole journey from the kitchen to the hospital when she shared her recent cooking attempt gone wrong. The first picture she shared showed her index finger wrapped in gauze and medical tape. It appeared that the wound was bad enough to bleed through the bandages, so she and her assistant Darnell Appling headed to the hospital. Later, Appling joked on Instagram, “Dear God, help me keep this little heffa safe cause she clumsy as hell.”

The next act in the saga confirmed that the wound needed stitches, showing a doctor at work sewing Z’s finger up. “Update,” Zendaya wrote on her story to follow up. The final update was a mirror pic that showed Zendaya sticking her finger up to show off her stitched-up wound, with Appling pictured by her side. Zendaya confirmed this was her first time getting stitches, writing “Baby’s first stitches lol back to never cooking again,” punctuated with a heart emoji.

Never cooking again doesn’t sound so bad, especially when your boyfriend Tom Holland can cook. In a 2021 interview with iHeart, the couple shared what it’s like cooking in the kitchen together. After a bit of silly bickering, Holland set the record straight: “It’s either Zendaya’s cooking or I’m cooking. Because Zendaya, every time she cooks, she comes millimeters from chopping not just her fingers off, but her hands off.” It seems to me like Holland may have predicted the future.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thankfully, Zendaya’s fingers and hands were not chopped off, just a little banged up from what I assume was a veggie-chopping mishap with a knife.