Zayn Malik Reveals The One Quality He Really Loves About Gigi Hadid


Zayn Malik is a robot.

Have you ever read a Tinder profile for someone who is obnoxiously good looking yet aggressively down to earth?

I'm not talking about someone who is naturally cool and seems like an honestly good person, I'm talking about someone who seems like a robot with a six-pack. The kind of person who writes “LOL! I love pizza and hanging with my pals! Mondays suck! Looking for someone who can travel or take a night in!” but looks like a Hemsworth brother who has never been near pizza and 100 percent LOVES Mondays.

That is Zayn. Zayn is a hot Millennial robot with zero emotions and a scary PR team.

The former One Direction-er and current slowly-tanking solo singer recently spoke to Paper Magazine about his relationship with Gigi Hadid and it honestly just reads as a spambot set up by Microsoft to infiltrate worldwide 20-somethings.

Read this quote. This isn't hot, this is terrifying:

He's like a sentient branded tweet when asked about what he does with Gigi:

Ugh, OK. Even this one is too douchey for robots to make up:

BRB, puking forever.