Zayn Malik Just Got A Face Tattoo In Honor Of His Mother


In an attempt to look ~tough~, distance himself from his cookie-cutter image or simply because he loves his mama, Zayn Malik seems to have gotten a tattoo on his face.

The former One Direction band member posted a selfie to Instagram yesterday, showing a large, fresh tattoo on the side of his head.

The art, which features the letters “M-O-M” on a banner over a parrot and some flowers, sits above another new tattoo of Zayn's -- a sparrow, inked on the side of his neck.

It's possible that the tattoo is a fake, but judging by Zayn's already very large collection of tattoos, we're inclined to think it's real.

Didn't anyone ever tell Zayn that face tattoos are for felons and Lil Wayne?

Ah, well. He still looks good.

Check out the ink below.

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