Zayn Malik Just Showed He Still Loves One Direction With This One Tweet

It looks like the news of One Direction's impending hiatus is making ex-member Zayn Malik feel a little sentimental (or possibly guilty).

The former boy-bander recently retweeted a Vine from 2014 in which Tyler the Creator chastises a radio host for “not f*cking with 1D.”

The implication there is, of course, Tyler the Creator likes One Direction — and so, apparently, does Zayn (despite his claims to the contrary in Interview magazine).

In any case, Malik's random proclamation of band love has fans freaking out and hoping for a possible reconciliation.

See the insanity below.

Here's the original Vine, which Zayn retweeted last night:

People are going nuts.

There's even a hashtag: #ZaynsStill1DAF

It's getting really emotional.

And really weird.

It's like everyone has already forgotten Zayn's less-than-kind comments about 1D in Interview magazine.

Does this mean there's a One Direction reunion on the horizon?

Probably not...

...but the fans can dream.