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This Picture Of A Young Tina Knowles Will Blow Your Mind

Like Fergie and many other women before her, Beyoncé most definitely got it from her mama.

On Thursday, Bey's mother, Tina, shared a #TBT photo of herself on Instagram that appears to have been taken in either the mid- or late 1970s.

In the pic, the elder Knowles' gorgeous amber mane is cut short to the tops of her shoulders.

She also seems to be wearing very little makeup, with her fresh skin, full pout and defined cheekbones taking center stage.

It is, in a word, flawless — proof that Beyoncè's DNA is simply far superior to that of the average human.

Seriously, though, if you've ever wondered where Queen B got it all from, here is your answer.

Introducing the OG Queen Knowles: Tina.

See the snap below.

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