Your Dreams Just Came True Because You Can Live In The 'Full House' Home

Warner Bros. Television

If your wildest dreams as a kid involved living in the "Full House" Tanner family Victorian, then good news: The iconic San Francisco home is officially up for grabs.

That's right. The original Painted Lady featured on "Full House" just hit the market, so now you too can move in with your three kids, brother-in-law and BFF and live happily ever...

For a cool $4,150,000, that is. Realistically, you'll find yourself in a bidding war and end up paying a lot more considering the house has 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and traditional Victorian fixtures -- actual goldmines in the hawt Bay Area housing market.

But if you're just looking to shop around, you're in luck. The real estate agency representing the property has posted pictures of the interior online for you to browse at your leisure. Don't be too shocked, though, to find that the interior is nothing like that of your fondest "Full House" memories. Most of the show was shot at a studio while the house itself was used mainly for the opening credits and exterior shots.

What do you think? Would Danny Tanner would be a fan of the decorating?

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