Here Are The Worst-Dressed Stars At The 2016 Golden Globes (Photos)

by Kendall Wood
Getty Images

Sunday's 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards brought stars from all over the globe to Beverly Hills, California to kick off awards season.

It was a big night for first-time Golden Globe nominees, friends pitted against one another in the same category, seasoned actors awaiting overdue accolades and for those who were just in it for the good times.

The red carpet gave us a firsthand look at the show's most interesting ensembles, and after deliberation, we've compiled a list of the worst- and best-dressed celebrities from the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.

What do you think? Are we on point? Agree to disagree?

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Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer is our girl, and "Trainwreck" crushed it for her breakout role as a writer and actress in film.

The two-toned, black-and-white Prabal Gurung gown she wore to the Globes, however, was not award-winning.

The dress felt like a safe option, and black-and-white never does anyone any favors.

A. Schu would have shined in something with color, which makes us wish her and J. Law at least both wore the color red, if not the same dress.

Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett is forever a vision.

The woman could do no wrong, but this Givenchy dress is reminiscent of a long-haired Afghan hound and it is not right.  Cate's done better, and this was far from her best.

Denis O'Hare


Denis O'Hare made a daring choice with his Golden Globes ensemble this year.

Channeling his cross-dressing "American Horror Story: Hotel" character, Liz Taylor, O'Hare made a statement pairing chunky, printed sandals with his pantsuit.

The actor broke gender norms with the look, complementing the shoes with a houndstooth blazer and gold nail polish, but while we admire his intent, the look itself is a bit of a terror.

Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams chose a Lanvin watercolor gown that may or may not have held a previous stint as couch fabric before it became Golden Globes material.

The "True Detective" actress could wear a brown sack and still look good, but this dress did nothing for her. Not to mention, what's happening with her hair color?

Katy Perry


Instead of Taylor Swift, why aren't more people lining up to be in Katy Perry's squad? Next to Morgan Freeman, she might have been the coolest, most down-to-earth person at the star-studded awards show. And her use of a Bump-It won her that nomination.

The simple, pink Prada dress is favorable, but paired with her throwback 'do, it doesn't work for the occasion.

She gets points for having sweet inspiration, though, as she told Ryan Seacrest,

Pantone says the color of the year is rose quartz and it means love, so I'm here!

Kate Hudson


In a three-piece, peach-colored Michael Kors number, Kate Hudson went major 90s for the Globes, pairing the look with chunky Giuseppe Zanotti platforms.

Although her body could kill a man with just one look, the three-piece style is too risqué for the occasion. And, dare we say, tacky?

Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda took the opportunity to remind her Thespian sheeple that she's not as uptight as her "Frank & Gracie" character makes her out to be.

Jane is a queen, but she looks like a jester in this overdone gown.

Channing Tatum


Here we are again, on the topic of Channing Tatum's over-greased, Justin Bieber-inspired, emo-licious hairdo.

Did anyone even get a chance to see what he was wearing?

Wiz Khalifa


Young Khalifa showed up to the carpet with his mom, joining the many other stars who chose to bring their parents along for the thrilling night.

If we had to guess, we'd say Wiz hasn't gone suit-shopping in a while -- like, since he last lived at home with his mom.

The rapper made an interesting choice for the Globes, donning a suit that looked like it went through the dryer when it wasn't supposed to.

Eva Longoria


"Telenovela" lead actress Eva Longoria is a stunner, but the Georges Hobeika gown she wore on Sunday overwhelmed her and everyone watching.

Although white always complements her tanned skin tone, the overdone embellishments and double bow accents took away from the slim-line gown and Eva's beautiful mug.