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Natasha Parker enjoys a painting date on 'Bachelor In Paradise.'

Natasha For Bachelorette

The fans have spoken.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

One good thing about Bachelor Nation is that there is always room for second chances. Contestants can compete on multiple seasons, Bachelorettes can find their way to Paradise, and anyone has a shot at becoming the next lead. With that in mind, the moment Natasha Parker left Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, fans immediately began wondering whether Natasha could become the Bachelorette in 2022. After her heartbreaking breakups this season, a lot of fans feel she more than deserves to step into the spotlight in her journey to find love.

Natasha joined Bachelor in Paradise in search of lasting love, but unfortunately, her time on the beach was soured when she got mixed up in a love triangle. Natasha and Brendan Morais paired up at the beginning of Paradise, but as soon as Pieper James joined the beach, Brendan left Natasha to be with her. It became very clear very soon that Brendan and Pieper began their relationship in some shape or form before getting to the beach, leaving Natasha feeling like she wasted her time trying to make it work with Brendan. TBH, even all the way back then, fans were calling for Natasha to become the next series lead, to hell with the remainder of the Paradise season.

But still, she persisted. Natasha got another opportunity to find love in Paradise after Brendan and Pieper left. First, things sparked with Dr. Joe Park, but then they fizzled out once Joe’s friendship with Brendan got in the way of anything serious developing between them. Then, Natasha hit it off with Ed Waisbrot and it seemed like she might finally get her happy ending. All was going well with Ed until Mykenna Dorn hit the beach. Ed basically asked for her to ask him out on her 1-on-1 date, leaving Natasha in the dust. Making matters worse, Natasha then got sick and missed out on Paradise prom, and then also missed out on one last chance to talk to Ed when the final cocktail party got canceled. All of that led to Ed giving his rose to Mykenna, and Natasha left Paradise alone.

After such a rough season filled with multiple breakups, fans on Twitter are pretty much all in agreement that Natasha deserved a whole lot better. One way for that to happen would be for Natasha to get to take the spotlight as the lead of her own season. A lot of fans are determined now to see Natasha as the next Bachelorette.

As Natasha left the beach, she said, “I’m just really sad. I’ve worked really hard to be a patient and understanding person and for some reason, that’s not enough.” Well, at least Bachelor Nation is in agreement that Natasha is more than enough, and that she should be the next Bachelorette.

As of the Paradise Season 7 finale, it’s unclear whether Natasha will be selected for the lead role... or if she even wants it. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what happens for the 2022 season.