Will Jorah Come Back To Westeros Before The End Of 'GOT'? Here's What We Know

by Ani Bundel

When last we left the intrepid Jorah Mormont, he had been through serious drama in order to return to the side of his beloved Khaleesi. Having been banished from her court in Meereen at the end of Season 4, he kidnapped Tyrion Lannister in hopes that bringing Daenerys a prisoner from the family who currently occupied the Iron Throne would put himself back into her good graces.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Meereen. Jorah learned Tyrion's entire trip was to go meet Dany and offer himself up with his services to her. Then a shortcut through Old Valyria went horribly wrong and Jorah contracted grayscale.

On top of that, he and Tyrion were then captured by slavers and taken to Meereen, as fighting fodder for the pits Dany had just agreed to reopen.

If that wasn't insult to injury enough, when Jorah showed up, Tyrion was not presented as his prize. Instead, Tyrion presented himself as his own prize -- and got a seat in Dany's inner sanctum, as her adviser, while Jorah was stuck in the fighting pits.

Then she took off on Drogon and left both of them behind. By the time Jorah and Daario arrived to rescue her, Dany had already done that herself. All Jorah could do was bow and scrape and admit he was diseased and needed help.

So where *is* Jorah? Did Dany just send him off to die?

Not quite. In fact, actor Iain Glen is making the interview rounds this season, like a regular cast member. Clearly, he's going to be somewhere.

Chances are, wherever Jorah is, he's not going to be in Essos. The show is done with that continent. (Sorry, Daario!) This means that Jorah the Explorah is heading somewhere in Westeros.

Some possibilities:

The Island of Skagos


Those who subscribe to the theory that Jorah will be cured by a potion made from the alicorn believe that this western-most island in the Narrow Sea would be Jorah's destination. Are we going to see unicorns in our dragon based fantasy?

Bear Island


Bear Island is a beautiful place. And Lady Mormont is a fearsome little girl. One can imagine her ordering every Maester, Stannis-style, to come north and ply cures on her Uncle until he was healed.


Cast your mind back waaaaay back to Season 2, in Qarth. Jorah was in the market square when he approaches a woman in a lacquered mask, who asked, "Will you betray her again, Jorah The Andal?" At the time she was carving tattoos on the back of an extra and said  “This man must sail past Old Valyria. All who travel close to the doom must have protection.”

Can her tattoos cure those who did not have protection? And where would he find her?

And will he arrive back in time to serve Dany when the Long Night comes and the Night King with it?

Game of Thrones Season debuts Sunday, July 16, at 9 p.m., on HBO.