Joseph Quinn as Eddie in Stranger Things

This TikTok Theory Has Fans Convinced Eddie Will Return In Stranger Things 5

Let's get nerdy.

by Ani Bundel

From the original Barb debacle to Billy making his way into Stranger Things 4, the Duffer Brothers have had a hard time letting go of the characters they’ve become fond of. They regretted taking out Chrissy and didn’t go all-in on losing Max. However, like Bob Newby, Eddie walked in with a target on his chest; most viewers suspected he wouldn’t make it out of the season alive. That hasn’t dissuaded TikTok users from glomming onto the theory that Eddie will be back for Stranger Things 5.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 follow. Upon being introduced in Season 4, Eddie quickly became a fan favorite. He filled a much-needed role in the D&D squad: The metalhead dirtbag with the heart of gold. But, like Dio leaving Black Sabbath for a solo career, Eddie’s fate was inevitable, telegraphed from the first episode. There was little chance of him getting out of the Upside Down alive; once he became a marked man, sacrificing himself was better than living on the run.

But that doesn’t mean Stranger Things viewers are ready to let Eddie buy himself a stairway to heaven. Most of the theories on TikTok that seek to bring Eddie back are pure wish fulfillment. The Duffers and actor Joseph Quinn have confirmed Eddie’s time on the show is done. However, Barb’s time on the show ended in Chapter 2 of Season 1, and Billy’s in the Season 3 finale, and both have shown up since. And just as importantly, if one goes back to the D&D game in Season 4, Episode 1, there’s a massive clue that ties Eddie to Vecna. As noted by TikTok user @.dizay, this scene has quite a bit of possible foreshadowing.

Note Lucas and Mike’s dialogue, bringing up Kas while insisting Vecna is gone. As Will already told everyone at the end of the season, Vecna wasn’t conquered. He’s still out there, Will can feel it. And Eddie’s body is still in the Upside Down with him. That means Eddie’s body could come back to life, not as Eddie, but as Kas.

TikTok user @paulruddfanclub has a thorough breakdown that goes over all the details in Stranger Things 4 that support the theory.

So, to recap: Kas the Bloody-Handed is a D&D vampire character, a lieutenant of Vecna. He turns on his master and, in the game in Episode 1, attempts to take him out but fails.

Eddie was bitten over and over by demo bats in the attack. (To be fair, demo bats also bit Steve during the big fight scene in Volume 1, but he survived, and he left the Upside Down soon after.) On the other hand, Eddie did perish in his demo bat attack, and his body was left to the Upside Down to potentially perform its magic on it.

As the TikTok theory notes, there are several things Eddie and Kas have in common, the big one being Kas’s sword and shield — Eddie dies holding the same items. If he is resurrected as Kas, he would be ready for battle. Plus, there’s nothing more metal than turning into a vampire.

Stranger Things 1 through 4 are streaming on Netflix. Stranger Things 5 is expected to arrive in 2024.