Bailee Madison as Imogen in HBO Max's 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin'

The PLL: Original Sin Finale May Have Set Up 2 OG Characters To Be In Season 2

Please let this happen.

Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Warning: Spoilers for PLL: Original Sin’s finale follow. The final three episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 were chock-full of twists, turns, and cliffhangers. Despite the fact that there is yet to be a confirmed second season, the creators did not hold back in leaving fans wanting more, including a very important detail for OG PLL fans: Imogen (Bailee Madison) is giving her baby to Ezra and Aria, of the original PLL series. So, does this mean Ezra and Aria will be in a potential Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?

Throughout Season 1 of the new series, it was unclear whether Imogen would be keeping her baby or putting them up for adoption. There was even a moment of panic early in the season, after the passing of her own mother, when Imogen thought about a late-stage abortion. The final minutes of the final episode gave fans their much-awaited answer, that after a season of OG PLL Easter eggs, Aria and Ezra are still together and are adopting Imogen’s baby.

According to TV Line, the co-creators of Original Sin, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring said the idea to thread in Ezria came from writer Kate Avery, who remembered a 2019 tweet from the official PLL Twitter account that revealed Aria and Ezra had adopted a baby girl and named her Katherine Ella. At the time, this tied into another PLL spinoff show, The Perfectionists, but the creatives on Original Sin thought it could also fit perfectly into this new chapter. Bring told TV Line, “Being a fan of the show, I understood that Aria and Ezra really wanted a baby, so we thought it would be a really beautiful, unexpected connection at the end of the show if Imogen’s baby ends up being adopted by Aria and Ezra and is loved and moves to Rosewood.”


Of course, this could be where the crossover stops, and once Imogen gives them the baby, they’re never seen or heard from. But! The show took extra care to highlight Imogen’s comment that Ezra and Aria agreed to keep the adoption open and send her updates about the baby — which could open the door for fans to see Lucy Hale as Aria and Ian Harding as Ezra on their screens once again.

Although no announcements have been made about a cameo (or even a second season, for that matter), Hale has been active in promoting Original Sin, even moderating a Q&A with the cast before the premiere, so it certainly wouldn’t be out of the question for her to rejoin this world.

Unfortunately for eager fans, only time will tell. Until then, fans will just have to explore the other Easter eggs from Season 1 and come up with their own theories.