'PLL: Original Sin' hides an easter egg in episode 4 that connects to the original 'Pretty Little Li...

PLL: Original Sin Shouted Out An OG Character With An Easter Egg You Prob Missed

Does this mean he's going to show up in Millwood?


Hello liars, I spy an easter egg, do you? Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has picked up the PLL legacy and given it new life — and new horrors. The show premiered on HBO Max on July 28 and has since given the fandom a whole new A to worry about. Although the new series is telling a separate story from the 2010 Freeform show, there are some nods to the OG hidden in the chaos. And one of the best easter eggs yet arrived in Episode 4 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, where a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shoutout to none other than Caleb Rivers is hiding in plain sight.

In its first five episodes, Original Sin didn’t seem to deliver any major, obvious callbacks to the original Pretty Little Liars. All of the characters are new, and even the town of Millwood is brand new to the franchise... even if it is nearby the iconic Rosewood. However, there have been a few thematic nods to PLL, like a mystery involving twins, a remixed version of the OG theme song, and of course, having a masked villain named “A.”

But eagle-eyed PLL stans finally caught the biggest easter egg yet in Episode 4. When Noa grows suspicious of her mom, she discovers a prescription pill bottle hiding in her purse. The discovery confirms to Noa that her mom has been stealing pills while working as a nurse, but to diehard PLL fans, the name on the bottle was more important than anything else. That’s right — the pills were prescribed to Caleb Rivers.

In the original PLL series, Caleb Rivers was a main character that helped solve all of Rosewood’s dark mysteries. He worked alongside the four leading ladies and used his bad-boy tech skills to help them catch A.

Over the seven seasons of the show, Caleb became a fan favorite for his dedication to being a smartass, and his relationship with Hanna Marin that made enemies-to-lovers look so good (we don’t need to discuss the Caleb/Spencer situation, everyone makes mistakes). The original show wrapped up Caleb’s storyline and gave him a happily-ever-after with Hanna — so what is he doing in Millwood?

Caleb Rivers gets a shoutout in 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin's best easter egg.

The pill bottle with his name on it is a prescription for Oxycodone, a narcotic given for severe pain; Oxycodone can also be abused as a recreationally to obtain a numbing high. The easter egg poses a few questions: why are they prescribed to Caleb? And what are they being used for — medicine or recreation? There has been no confirmation on whether it’s just an easter egg for fans of the original PLL or the possibility of a guest appearance, but I can confirm that it’s suspicious and I’m sure that’s exactly what A wants.