Bachelor Nation
Andrew Spencer and Katie Thurston in 'The Bachelor.'

Here's Why Bachelorette Fans Are Convinced Andrew Will Be The Next Bachelor

The "Men Tell All" had fans even more in love with him.


Katie Thurston is still in the midst of her ~journey to find love,~ but viewers are already theorizing about where the Bachelor franchise is headed next. While it’s still unclear who the next Bachelor will be, a recently eliminated fan-favorite from Season 17 has won viewers’ hearts. So, will Andrew Spencer be the next Bachelor? His exit and Men Tell All hot seat gave off major leading-man vibes.

Earlier in the season, it truly seemed like Katie and Andrew could end up together by the finale. She seemed genuinely into his... interesting fake British accent on Night 1, and they quickly struck up an adorable connection that quickly endeared him to Bachelor Nation. By the July 19 episode, Andrew told Katie he was falling for her, and even admitted to the other guys that no woman has ever seen him like she does.

But in a shocking turn of events, Katie sent Andrew home right before hometowns, explaining she had stronger connections with the other men and that he deserved more than she could give him. But Katie seemed truly torn up about her choice, and after he came back to give her a proper goodbye the next day, she ran through the resort and asked him to stay in the competition a little while longer. He ultimately decided to leave, because , as he put it, he wants his future wife to choose him, and getting cut at two rose ceremonies in a row would simply be too much. If that’s not a future Bachelor setup, then I truly don’t know what is.

Andrew continued to prove himself as future Bachelor material when he was put in the hot seat at the July 26 “Men Tell All” special. For one, he’s not afraid to have real, sometimes difficult conversations in order to find the right partner. When Bachelorette co-host Tayshia Adams asked him about his 1-on-1 conversation with Katie about the work required to be in an interracial relationship, he responded, “As a Black man, to represent us, there’s no way I was gonna shy away from that. That’s exactly who I am.”

He also doubled down on how he was on the season for the right reasons, another quintessential quality in a future season lead. “I wanted to give this my full effort and see if [Katie and I] could follow up, and we came pretty damn close,” he said.

Even Tayshia seemed on board for a future Andrew S. reign in the franchise. “You said you deserve to be chosen... You do. You will,” she told him during the “Men Tell All.” Could that be foreshadowing about his future in Bachelor Nation? Fans will have to wait and see.