BTS singer V had to sit during the group's "Permission To Dance On Stage" concert due to an injury.

Here's Why V Sat Out Of A Lot Of BTS' "Permission To Dance On Stage" Concert

Read the full statement explaining the decision.

by Daffany Chan
THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BTS member V made a major adjustment to his usual live performance style during the concert special “Permission to Dance on Stage” on Oct. 24. ARMYs around the world quickly noticed that V skipped the dance moves and instead, sat out of a lot of the concert. If you’re wondering why V was sitting during BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage,” there was certainly an important reason for the change.

Plenty of videos and photos of are making rounds on the internet of BTS’ latest concert “Permission to Dance on Stage,” which was streamed online on Sunday morning. Fans were quick to note that the performance looked a little different than what normally goes on, due to the fact that V was sitting during the concert instead of joining the other members in the choreography.

An Oct. 24 statement by Big Hit Music, which manages BTS, revealed that V had calf muscle pain during a performance rehearsal on the evening of Oct. 23, per Soompi. Though medical personnel determined that there wasn’t an issue with the bones in his legs, they advised V to “refrain from vigorous movement such as choreography or stage performance for the time being.” According to the statement, V had “strongly wished to participate in the performance in full,” but the company decided to “follow the physician’s advice and minimize V’s movements” during the show.

V himself chimed in about his injury in during the concert: “I actually felt sad. The injury came all of a sudden. I practiced anticipating how happy I’d be during the concert, but shamefully, I had to sit out for the actual concert. I’ll take proper care of my condition and show you guys what I couldn’t tonight."

Though V may not have been able to show off his smooth dance moves on Sunday, ARMYs still raved about his impressive stage presence during the concert even though he was in a chair. Of course, plenty of fans also expressed wishes for the 25-year-old to get well soon.

Though V may have sat out on his most recent “Permission to Dance on Stage,” it sounds like he’s already getting ready to return to the stage as usual after he recovers.