Why Every Girl Should Strive To Be Like Claire Underwood From 'House Of Cards'

She’s the only woman who can pull off a haircut that looks like it belongs to a One Direction member. She’s the only woman who takes what she wants and has absolutely no remorse. She’s the only woman who stands by her husband without falling into the shadows. She’s the only Second Lady who is better known and respected than the First Lady. She’s f*cking Claire Underwood.

The southern 40-something has left 20-year-olds with something very important in their rapidly aging youth: hope for the future, hope for a role model who doesn’t gain influence or power solely on her sex appeal and marital status.

She’s a bombshell, but that’s not what defines her. What defines her is her tenacity, her ruthlessness and her independence, even as a married woman. She doesn’t let Francis and his profession dictate her life, but uses his job and connections to propel her own. She doesn’t get cheated on or defeated; she gets even.

She’s sacrificed things that society has placed importance on for the good of her own ambitions and doesn’t let anyone tell her how her life should play out. She follows her heart and tackles every hurdle and test with the utmost grace.

She’s a woman we should all aspire to be. She’s a testament to the type of role that women should play in society, at the same level as men, as their competitors and equals. She’s a sign of hope in a world of big booty hoes and reality stars. She’s a true role model, who teaches us exactly how to be women of power:

She Speaks With Purpose

Claire isn’t one of those women who is constantly running her mouth. She is the silent, stoic type, who makes everyone around her wonder what she’s thinking. She’s learned that silence brings power and the more mysterious she seems, the more power and respect she attains. She doesn't waste time with idle chit-chat for hours and has no use for small talk. She gets straight to the point with people, telling them upfront how she feels. She doesn't talk in circles or hide her discomfort in casual conversation.

She Lies When Necessary

She understands that lying, especially in the political arena, will always get you in trouble. However, there’s a certain way to say what you need while not staying completely within the lines of truth. A lie is never a lie as long as it can be backed up, or covered up. Claire knows when a small lie is less risky than telling the truth because to her, the means always justify the ends.

She Never Gives Too Much Away

One of the first rules of gaining power is to never let anyone know too much about it. Claire keeps her past and her life as ambiguous as possible, becoming an enigma, an asset in the age of digital reporting and politics. She keeps her personal life very private and does her best to secure her ambiguity. This aura or mystery she places herself under brings a wave of respect and dignity in a time when everyone knows everything and people are open books.

She Gets Even, Not Mad (that leads to wrinkles)

There’s no use in wasting energy and time over getting angry. There is nothing weaker than stewing over your enemies. Rather than wasting time hating the people who do her wrong, Claire seeks revenge. She’s swift and cunning and her retaliation makes her a force to be reckoned with. She makes sure that no one makes the mistake of underestimating her just because she’s a woman.

She Makes Connections Everywhere

You never know when you will need to call in a favor. It’s important to have a network of people you can call on when careers and personal relations become hard to handle. You should never discredit anyone because you may need his or her help someday. Claire doesn't piss many people off and makes sure to keep her enemies as close as her friends.

She Stays True To Her Principles

In a world of distraction and temptation, it can be easy to stray away from your morals. Claire understands that without your principles, you have nothing. When everything fails and your life is going to sh*t, your principles are the only things that will still be there. People will never be able to come at you for staying true to yourself and your words.

She Doesn’t Back Down

Life is going to throw you down and it’s your responsibility to make yourself stronger for the next blows. There are no shortcuts in life or easy ways out, and the older you get, the more obstacles you are going to face. These obstacles are going to become part of your life and the more you start standing up for yourself, the easier it will become. Claire doesn’t let anyone threaten her or tell her she’s inadequate; she only fights back harder.

She Makes Sacrifices For Things She Really Wants

Everything in life isn’t going to be handed to you. Life’s about making hard decisions because we can’t have it all. Women can’t always have a powerful career and be the mothers they wanted to be at the same time. The sign of a strong woman is marked by her sacrifices. Those who know what they want and stay true to their dreams make the hard decisions that many women fall under the pressures of.

She Dresses For Her Body Type

It’s no debate that Claire has an amazing body, whether for her age or not. She’s a strong woman with great assets and makes sure that her clothes are always tasteful, yet leave something to be desired. She’s the poster woman for using her sexuality in the right way. She doesn’t showcase her curves, but she makes sure they aren’t exactly hidden.

She Knows Marriages Are A Partnership

It’s okay to show your husband devotion and adoration, but you should also make sure to establish an equal amount of power within the relationship. You are not his possession or his prize. You are his equal, and you will help him as much as he helps you. Your dreams do not come second to his, and a good marriage is as solid as a good business partnership.

Photo credit: Nathaniel Bell/Netflix