Cynthia Nixon revealed why she almost turned down playing Miranda again in 'And Just Like That.'

Cynthia Nixon Revealed The Reason She Almost Turned Down And Just Like That

It makes a ton of sense.


Kim Cattrall wasn’t the only member of the original SATC foursome to have qualms about bringing back her iconic character for HBO Max’s reboot series. Samantha Jones is notably absent from And Just Like That, and it turns out, Miranda Hobbes was also initially not going to return, until the actor who plays her confirmed some big changed would be made to the series. In a recent interview, Cynthia Nixon revealed why she almost turned down And Just Like That, and her reasoning makes a lot of sense.

Though SATC was progressive in its time in terms of female sexuality, the pivotal HBO series has been called out a lot for its lack of diversity in the years since it aired. This issue was top of mind for Nixon when she was approached about a potential revival.

“It was a very hard decision. I really didn’t think I was going to do it — I was very reluctant,” Nixon said in a Dec. 28 interview with the Herald Sun. “But the more I talked to Sarah Jessica [Parker], [writer-creator] Michael Patrick King, and Kristin [Davis], about the things that I couldn’t go back without — a real sea change in terms of the lack of diversity in the original series, they were on board.”

Nixon went on to say she was happy to sign on to And Just Like That after working with her collaborators to welcome a new, diverse cast of characters into the world. “I was floored by how hard everybody listened, and how collaboratively we worked together to not just redecorate the house, but to build a whole new house — that had us in it but new characters, too.”


And Just Like That has notably introduced several new characters into Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte’s world. Carrie’s podcast boss is the nonbinary Mexican-American comedian Che Diaz, who appears to have a flirtationship with Miranda. The reboot also addresses Miranda’s white savior complex in her relationship with her Black law professor, Dr. Nya Wallace, as well as Charlotte’s discomfort around addressing racial issues in her newfound friendship with Lisa Todd Wexley. Based on her statements, it’s clear the addition of these characters was a big reason Nixon finally agreed to play Miranda again in the reboot.

New episodes of And Just Like That drop Thursdays on HBO Max.