Harry Styles in the music video for his new song, "As It Was."

Harry Styles Just Revealed Whose Voice Intros “As It Was”

Well, that makes sense!

Screenshot of YouTube/Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ new era has officially begun. On April 1, the star dropped his new single “As It Was,” along with its music video. It’s the first track to be released off his upcoming third solo album Harry’s House, which drops in full on May 20. There are many secrets to Styles’ new sound he’s yet to fully reveal, and the few opening seconds of “As It Was” pose yet another question.

Whose voice is that kicking off the track? The song begins with what sounds like a child saying, “Come on, Harry. We want to say goodnight to you.”

Thankfully, Styles isn’t leaving this question unanswered. As it turns out, the kid featured on “As It Was” has a close connection with the singer.

Styles identified the mysterious voice in an April 1 interview with the British radio station Heart. “It’s my goddaughter at the start of the song,” he said. Styles explained that his goddaughter often calls him before bed to say goodnight to him. After he missed her call one night, she sent him a cute voicemail that was used in the song. “She wanted to let me know that she was quite angry with me about it,” Styles explained. “I dug [the voicemail] up in the studio one day and added it to the start of the song, and it just kind of stuck. I loved it."

According to E!, the singer’s goddaughter is British filmmaker and producer Ben Winston’s five-year-old girl Ruby. Styles and Winston are good friends and frequent collaborators who met during the singer’s One Direction days.

Styles also opened up about Ruby in an April 1 interview with Capital FM where hosts Roman Kemp and Sian Welby wondered if Ruby could be considered a featured artist on the track. “She was asking for a big fee,” Styles joked. “It’s all gone downhill.”

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, watch Styles’ “As It Was” music video below.