The Sparrow Academy in The Umbrella Academy

Here's A Rundown Of The Sparrow Academy Members And Their Powers

The Umbrella Academy has a whole new batch of characters.

by Ani Bundel

The Umbrella Academy members spent all of Season 2 mucking around in the 1960s, trying to find their way home. Like any good Back To The Future-type tale, by the time the group went home, they discovered their meddling had caused a few changes to the future. Some of it was good: The apocalypse was averted. Some of it was not: The Umbrella Academy no longer existed. Instead, the Sparrow Academy had taken over with new members.

Warning: Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 3 follow. Things at the Sparrow Academy were very different when the Umbrellas showed up. Having seen the utter mess of his children in the 1960s, Reginald Hargreeves had deliberately set out to adopt a different set of children. Six of them were brand new. The seventh, Ben, was the same as the late Ben from the Umbrellas, but as Reginald could not see Ben’s ghost in the 1960s, he didn’t know that. And as he was with a different group, he did not perish in an accident when they were kids.

The differences don’t end there. Since they did not come apart at the seams with Ben’s passing, these Academy members got a lot further in Reginald’s ultimate mission. When Pogo realized that, he gave them pills to overthrow Reginald’s dominance and become the drivers of their own superheroism. But without Reginald to be the monster who drove them and traumatized them, the new Sparrows became their own monstrously behaved arrogant leaders. Let’s run down who they are.

Number 1: Marcus


Though the show reveals Marcus was not initially named Number 1, he earned that position. No, he doesn’t have the strength of Luther’s ape torso, but he is fast, trains hard, and is driven. He’s also equitable and fair, as viewers see when he makes a deal with Viktor. He can read the room, and he protects his other Sparrows, sometimes from themselves.

Number 2: Ben


Ben’s powers are the same as when he was an Umbrella; he has the ability to summon Eldritch Tentacles from a portal inside his abdomen. But unlike the original Ben, who was kind and self-sacrificing, this Ben is devious, jealous, insecure, and selfish.

Number 3: Fei


The visually impaired Fei used ravens to see and therefore can spy on anyone from any distance and fight from 360-degree angles. Like Ben, she is insecure and competitive and is willing to bully people into doing what she wants.

Number 4: Alphonso


His face looks slightly like Toxie the Toxic Avenger, but Alphonso’s ability is hardcore. It’s called “empathetic masochism,” which makes it sound more emo than it is. He turns right back on the attacker with any blow he takes, causing his opponents to beat themselves up.

Number 5: Sloane


At first, Sloane looks like she can float through space. In reality, she controls gravity, which means she can fly, but she can also release a person from the ground and throw them around with zero problems.

Number 6: Jayme


She squirts psychedelic ink like a human squid who delivers acid trips. The show plays her abilities for laughs, but one bad trip could easily break a person.

Number 7: Christopher


The cube of doom! Christopher is a telekinetic psykronium cube. His abilities include inducing fear to the point of paralysis, existential dread, and freezing temperatures — also, apparently, confetti canons.

Sadly, most of these Sparrows don’t make it to the end of the show, but hopefully The Umbrella Academy will find ways to bring them back for Season 4. Seasons 1 through 3 are currently streaming on Netflix.