Carson Rowland plays Chip in 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,' his first major role since starrin...

Here's Why You Totally Recognize Chip From PLL: Original Sin

Any Sweet Magnolias stans in the house??


It’s always hard to know who to trust in the Pretty Little Liars universe, and that’s especially true in the series’ twisted reboot Original Sin, but there *is* one kind new face who seems to be a legitimate good guy. Tabby’s best bud Chip is always ready to help her out, even if it’s not always the best idea. Unfortunately for Chip, who’s not-so-secretly crushing hard on Tabby, the devotion isn’t exactly reciprocal, since Tabby seems to see him as nothing more than a friend. The character is pretty different for Carson Rowland, who plays Chip in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin — the actor’s other best-known role is the popular jock Ty in Sweet Magnolias.

Spoiler alert: This post contains light spoilers from the first two episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. As the new series kicks off, it quickly became clear that Chip might be the only true ally the five new Liars have. He’s so lovestruck by Tabby that he agreed to screen a humiliating video of her rival Karen in front of the whole school, even though he knew it was a terrible thing to do. He did convince Tabby to be his date to the dance, but only as a favor for doing her dirty work. Maybe Tabby will grow to see Chip in a new light as the series progresses, but as it stands, the two just have a close friendship full of awkward moments due to Chip’s obvious affection for her.

If Chip looks familiar to you, it’s likely because you also watched Netflix’s Southern drama Sweet Magnolias. In that series, Carson Rowland plays the town’s golden boy Ty Townsend, a popular high schooler who has no problem getting a date. While both Chip and Ty are kindhearted and loyal, they definitely exist on completely different opposite ends of the high-school food chain.


Rowland has been acting for several years before PLL: Original Sin. He got his start back in 2015 on the web series Tweet: The Series, and then starred in the two-season Nickelodeon show I Am Frankie. He’s also guest starred on a few episodes of the ABC sitcom American Housewife.

Rowland isn’t only pursuing his acting dreams — he’s also a singer-songwriter. He’s released several singles over the last couple years, many of which are collaborations with fellow actor-singer Taylor Castro, whom he met while co-starring with her in the 2019 thriller Dream Killer.

The actor’s personal life has also been very exciting recently. Rowland married his wife Maris at the end of 2021. He also has a close relationship with his twin sister, Carlynn, and makes a lot of fun YouTube videos with her.

Chip may be struggling to get the attention he deserves on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, but there’s no denying that Carson Rowland is ready for his spotlight.