Kendall Roy's driver Fikret has been an Easter egg all along.

Wondering Who Fikret Is After The Latest Succession? He Goes Back To Season 1

Kendall has mentioned him a few times, actually.


Succession fans have learned that the final moment of any pivotal episode carries a deep meaning core to the series. Remember Kendall in the pool in the penultimate Season 3 episode? Or Roman pressing replay on that edited video of Logan insulting him? These episode-ending scenes reveal incisive, brutal truths about each main character, but in the final season’s election episode, the last line of dialogue addressed a character most fans probably forgot about. Here’s what you should remember about Fikret on Succession, a background player who’s actually surprisingly important to Kendall.

Spoiler alert: This post contains details from Succession Season 4, Episode 8. In the wake of his controversial decision to call the presidential election in favor of Mencken, a dangerous fascist bent on radicalizing the nation, Kendall is left wallowing in yet another moral quandary. In order to guarantee he remains in control of Waystar Royco, he created a situation in which his bullied daughter would become an even bigger outcast at her school. In his guilt, Kendall called his ex-wife to try to spend some time with his kid, but it was simply too late — both literally (she was already asleep) and figuratively (he’s been an absent father for too long now).

His final reflection on it all is, as always, all about business negotiation: “Some people just can’t cut a deal, Fikret.” That name is probably unfamiliar to most viewers, but diehard superfans know who Fikret is. Kendall’s driver appeared in Kendall’s very first scene in the pilot, reassuring Kendall that he’s “the man” as he pumped himself up for a crucial Waystar meeting.


Although he’s never really shown again, Fikret’s position as Kendall’s go-to hype man and shoulder to lean on is clear when he’s brought up in later scenes. For instance, when Kendall was negotiating his exit from Waystar in Season 3, he made it explicitly clear to Logan that he would “keep Fikret” in the buyout deal.

Longtime fans celebrated Fikret’s unexpected comeback in the pivotal scene, and some even pointed out Kendall’s relationship with his driver mirrors Logan’s often one-sided musings with his own favorite worker bee Colin. Like father, like son.

The final two episodes of Succession air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.